Ohio University

Love Yourself Week

Join the Women's Panhellenic Association and the Women's Center for our annual collaboration "Love Yourself Week". "Love Yourself Week" events promote self-esteem, confidence building, professional development, and celebrate the successes of women.



Love Yourself Week 2018 is sponsored by Women's Panhellenic Association, the Women's Center, the Positivity Project, and the Intersectional Feminist Alliance. Co-sponsors for our keynote speaker, Beverly Gooden, also includes: Office for Diversity and Inclusion, My Sister's Place, the LGBT Center, the Multicultural Center, Black Student Cultural Programming Board, Student National Medical Association, Survivor Advocacy Program, Ambassadors to the Survivor Advocacy Program, Ohio University Student Senate, Student Association American College of Osteopathic of Family Physicians, OB/GYN club, Physicians for Patients: Social Medicine in Action, HCOM's Office of Inclusion, Health and Wellness Club, and more!


October 22, 9AM-5PM, Baker 4th floor table (outside)

Video Affirmations

Join us to video short talks for social media talking about affirmations, either of yourself or your friends, that has nothing to do with physical appearance. 


October 23, 11AM-1PM, Howard Hall

Scale Smashing



Help us challenge beauty norms and the reliance on a number on the scale to determine self-worth and health. This is an opportunity to smash and/or re-purpose a scale!

Howard Park is located on the corner of College Street and Union Street, between coordinates H-3 and I-3 on the campus map, and marked as feature #143.


October 24th, 4:30-5:30, Morton Field/South Beach (Rainy day location: Baker 240/242)


Morton Field (also known as South Green Field) comprises the grassy area bounded by N. McKinley Ave, E. Mulberry Street, Stewart Street, and Race Street. It sits between Morton Hall and Crawford Hall, in front of the “Front Four” residence halls.

Join us for this free yoga session!

Keynote Speaker: Beverly Gooden

October 25th, 7PM, Memorial Auditorium

Victims' Rights Advocate & Creator of the Viral Hashtag, #WhyIStayed, Beverly Gooden

"Why I Stayed" is a revolutionary speech by Beverly Gooden, renown social activist and creator of the #WhyIStayed hashtag and global movement. In this radical talk, Gooden challenges the question “Why did he/she stay?” and reveals how the current way we interact with survivors is a house of cards. From faulty blame attribution, to designating only men as abusers, it’s easy to overlook the sheer volume of domestic violence when the issue has historically been framed as “them” and not “us”.

That’s why, as Beverly argues, domestic violence is a community issue. Victims of violence can be women and men, LGBTQ and heterosexual, or even children. Victims of violence may have fought back, or remained silent. There is no perfect victim and no specific type of abuser. Beverly discusses her personal domestic violence story, reveals the most important questions to ask victims, and outlines how we all can help.

Regional and extension campuses can also join us on a live-stream of this talk at the following locations.

Bowman Auditorium
Bennett 134
MEB1 242
Brasee Hall Room 211
Eastern Shannon Hall 211
Cleveland Room 377

October 26th, All Day, OU Inn and Conference Center

Athens Area Chamber of Commerce: Women's Leadership Summit

Attend the Women's Leadership Summit at OU Inn and Conference Center for professional and personal development. Advanced registration is required; tickets are $75 per person. For more information, follow the Facebook event page for this program.