The 36th Annual

Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)

Purpose and Date

Ohio University will conduct the Annual Women In Science and Engineering Program on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, to provide role models and career and background information of many fields of science and engineering in order to encourage women to pursue careers in Science and Engineering and to study science and mathematics in schools in preparation to enter college.


  1. The program is open to all female students in grades 6 to 11 in public, private, and home schools in Ohio and their adult supervisors.
  2. Only pre-registered students and adult supervisors will be admitted to the events.
  3. Each school may pre-register 5 to 50 participants (including the supervisors). No pre-registration of less than 5 or more than 50 participants from any one school will be accepted.
  4. Each school must send at least one adult supervisor with the students. More supervisors are advisable the lower the grade level of the students. Supervisors should bring cell phones if available for faster and easier communication,
  5. We reserve the right to decline a pre-registration, if the total number of pre-registrations has reached the capacity of our program or if the pre-registration package misses the deadline for application.

Responsibilities of the Adult Supervisors

  1. Supervisors will come with the group.
  2. Supervisors will pick up the registration packet for the entire group between 8:30 and 10:00 AM on the date of the program, May 2, 2012, in the upper lobby of Room 201 Morton Hall. Supervisors will distribute materials in the registration packets to their students. We will not give the registration packet directly to individual students.
  3. Supervisors will be the persons through whom we will communicate to their students as a group. Bring cell phones if available.
  4. Supervisors will collect evaluation forms and give them to an official guide.
  5. Supervisors will collect the students to take them home.

How to pre-register

  1. Follow this link to the Pre-registration form; print the page from your web browser: then use your "back" button to return to this page.

  2. In filling out the Pre-registration Form, ask each student to pick out 4 scientific or engineering disciplines about which she would like to learn more and 4 second choices. List in the time-space provided each desired event by one capital letter (except MT and TM that are 2 letters), which identifies the event. We have scheduled multiple events in some popular disciplines so that more students can attend one. If you sign up for more than one event in one discipline, we may consider only one of your requests. We'll try to honor the students' request on the first-come-first-served basis if your requests for a given event do not exceed (room capacity x F) where F is the ratio of registrants from your school to the estimated total registrants for WISE. If your requests exceed (room capacity x F) or when an event is filled, we reserve the right to schedule a student into another event. Encourage your students to look at a variety of fields.

  3. There is a Multi-Science Show in the lobbies of Clippinger Laboratories. If you want to see a multi-science show at 10 AM or at 11 AM, you must pre-register for it: Choose M for one hour of multi-science show alone, or MT and TM for multi-science show plus an Accelerator Laboratory tour for a total of one hour. No registration is required for any portion of the multi-science show that remain in place during the noon hour.
  4. Do not send the printed Pre-registration form. Transfer the information from "Acknowledgement Receiver" to "County" on the top portion of the form to an email and list in the email the cell phone numbers of the supervisors. Transfer the student and supervisor information and their first and second choices of events and lunch to an Excel file and attach the Excel file to the same email and send the email to before April 23, 2012. See the next item on the headings and the name of your Excel file.

  5. Follow this link to the blank spreadsheet (36KBytes Excel .xls file) and save a copy on your computer. Please do not change the headings, merge cells, change fonts, and/or write comments, remarks, or special requests in the Excel file. If you have comments, remarks, special requests, or additional information, please send them in a separate email. The Excel file should have 12 columns with the following headings: grade, first name, last name, 110, 111, 101, 102, 210, 211, 201, 202, and lunch. Under grade, use A for the adult supervisor and 6 to 11 for students. Do not type names of supervisors and students in all capital letters or in all lower cases. Do not use nicknames. 110, 111, 101, and 102 are for the first choices at 10, 11, 1, and 2 o'clock. 210, 211, 201, and 202 are for the second choices. Enter B, H, T, or V under lunch for student wishing to have a roast beef, ham, turkey, or veggie sandwich in their box lunch. The box lunches will be clearly marked B, H, T, or V and they contain the same items other than the sandwich. Use a shortened name of your school in the name of the Excel file before attaching the completed file to your email. For example: UnionHS.xls, JacksonMS.xls, EasternES.xls

  6. Only Pre-registration data in Excel format submitted as an attachment of an email will be accepted. Printed copies of the Excel file alone are not acceptable. If you have trouble with email, save the text of your email as a plain text document and your Excel file on a CD and mail it with proper protection to reach Dr. Tong no later than April 23, 2012. If you do not have Excel on any of your computers, please find someone with the Excel program to use it.

  7. The pre-registration fee of $7 per person includes a free lunch in the lobbies of Clippinger Laboratories. Each supervisor is required to pay a pre-registration fee of $7. Please send the total amount in one or more checks or money orders payable to Ohio University or an official school purchase order to Ohio University to the following address. To ensure the delivery of your checks, you must use the complete 5-line address.

    Dr. James Tong
    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    136 Clippinger Laboratory
    Ohio University
    Athens OH 45701-2979

  8. Pre-registration is not final until Dr. Tong has received the Excel file by email and the fees by mail or other forms of delivery. Pre-registrations received after April 23, 2012 may not be accepted.

  9. Acknowledgement will be made by email only to the acknowledgement receiver.

Where to send your questions

Send your questions

  1. by E-mail:

  2. by FAX to Dr. Tong at (740) 593-0148

  3. by telephoning Dr. Tong at (740) 593-1733. You cannot leave a message at this number.

Schedule of Events for 2012 Women In Science and Engineering

Event Description & Title of Presentation at the 2012 WISE Event
Time Building & Room
Supervisors pick up registration packets in the upper lobby outside of Morton Hall Auditorium (room 201)   8:30-10:00 Morton Hall (NW end)
Upper Lobby
Hands-on Session: Microchemistry Experimentation 10.A 10:15-11:00 Clippinger Lab 057
Fire and Explosive Analysis 10.B 10:15-11:00 Morton Hall 115
Mining and the Environment 10.C 10:15-11:00 Morton Hall 122
DNA: The Blueprint for Life 10.D 10:15-11:00 Morton Hall 127
Get Your Plate in Shape (Food and Nutrition) 10.E 10:15-11:00 Morton Hall 218
How to Measure Thing One Cannot See With Her Eyes 10.F 10:15-11:00 Morton Hall 219
Multi-Science Show on two floors:
    2nd floor, Chemistry and Physics Demonstrations
    3rd floor, Botany Show and Genomic Center Display
10.M 10:00-11:00 Clippinger Lab Lobbies
10:10 Multi-Science Show and then 10:40 Accelerator Lab tour 10.MT 10:10-11:00 Clippinger/Accelerator
10:10 Accelerator Lab tour and then 10:40 Multi-Science Show 10.TM 10:10-11:00 Accelerator/Clippinger
Artificial Intelligence Software for Diabetes Management 11.A 11:15-12:00 Morton Hall 122
Designing Personal Technology for Young Consumeers 11.B 11:15-12:00 Morton Hall 126
Are Your Streams Healthy? Ask the Fish and Bugs! 11.C 11:15-12:00 Morton Hall 218
From Gene to Drugs: a Lesson from a small Worm 11.D 11:15-12:00 Morton Hall 219
Making a Difference with Civil Engineering 11.E 11:15-12:00 Morton Hall 222
Molecular Biology: Cloning and Sequencing a Human Gene 11.F 11:15-12:00 Morton Hall 226
Multi-Science Show:
    2nd floor, Chemistry and Physics Demonstrations
    3rd floor, Botany Show and Genomic Center Display
11.M 11:00-12:00 Clippinger Lab Lobbies
11:10 Multi-Science Show and then 11:40 Accelerator Lab tour 11.MT 11:10-12:00 Clippinger/Accelerator
11:10 Accelerator Lab tour and then 11:40 Multi-Science Show 11.TM 11:10-12:00 Accelerator/Clippinger
Free lunch for registrants and staff:
    The floor where you will eat lunch is listed on your name tag.
  noon - 1:00  
Forensic Evidence: Fingerprints Don't Lie 1.A 1:15 - 2:00 Morton Hall 115
Nursing as a Profession 1.B 1:15 - 2:00 Morton Hall 126
What It Takes to be a Medical Doctor When You Grow Up? 1.C 1:15 - 2:00 Morton Hall 215
Treasure and Pleasure of Paleontology and Fossil Lake 1.D 1:15 - 2:00 Morton Hall 218
Fuel Cell Technology: a Perfect Challenge for Chemical Engineer 1.E 1:15 - 2:00 Morton Hall 223
Twist and Spin in a Nanoworld 1.F 1:15 - 2:00 Morton Hall 226
Biochemists Making Animal Proteins in (Botanical) Plants 2.A 2:15 - 3:00 Morton Hall 115
Physical Therapy 2.B 2:15 - 3:00 Morton Hall 122
Careers for Women in the Field of Astronomy 2.C 2:15 - 3:00 Morton Hall 126
Audiology and Women in the Field 2.D 2:15 - 3:00 Morton Hall 215
Women in Computer Science 2.E 2:15 - 3:00 Morton Hall 218
Women in Environmental Research 2.F 2:15 - 3:00 Morton Hall 219

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