West 82


If you are eating at West 82, you're likely to walk away with corn and sugar cane on your tray. All the eat-in and take-out service ware in use at Baker University Center is made of organic materials, instead of plastic and Styrofoam.

Packaging that looks like plastic to the casual observer is actually a material called 'polylactic acid' or PLA, derived from corn or potato starch. Plates and cups that look like paper are made from sugar cane fibers. These materials are renewable resources, which can be composted along with food and yard waste.

Guests at Baker Center are directed to sort their waste into bins labeled 'Trash,' 'Recyclables,' and 'Biodegradables.'  Biodegradables will include the service ware, used napkins and any food remaining on the tray. Plastic and aluminum beverage cans continue to be recycled separately.

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