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Risk Reduction Program

Risk Reduction Program

Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF)


Risk Reduction is now two distinct programs:  The 1.0 program and the 2.0 program. 

Each program is unique and is geared to a different audience. Both programs begin with the philosophy that a healthy, active way of life is the best prevention against chronic disease. 

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When do 1.0 and 2.0 begin? New cohorts (“teams”) begin each semester for both the 1.0 program and the 2.0 program.


The Spring Semester 2021 start dates. are:

  • Risk Reduction 1.0 and Risk Reduction 2.0: February 8, 2021

Interested in future cohorts but not ready to commit this semester? Request to be added to our email list by filling out our Interest Form


Risk Reduction 1.0 (Beginner-Intermediate)

The Risk Reduction 1.0 program introduces participants to the foundations of an active lifestyle and the fundamentals of “exercise.”  The Risk Reduction 1.0 program is most suitable for “beginners” and/or those with “no” or “low” physical activity status.  The singular goal of the program is for participants to meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans within 12 weeks.  

The 1.0 program may also appeal to individuals who prefer free-living physical activity and/or exercise to gym-based exercise training.  The 1.0 programming is walking-based but incorporates activities for other major physical fitness components, including muscular fitness (strength), flexibility, balance, and coordination. 

Educational content for the 1.0 program is made available online and can be viewed at one’s convenience.  The educational content is progressive in nature, creating context for weekly “challenges” that support increasing physical activity status.  Weekly team meetings, private Facebook and/or Strava groups provide increased accountability and “Mindful Moments” are available as opportunities to practice breath focused sitting meditation.  


Risk Reduction 2.0 (Intermediate-Advanced)

The Risk Reduction 2.0 program is the traditional program as historically offered at WellWorks.  Instead of establishing a foundation of physical activity and exercise, the 2.0 program challenges active participants to take their physical fitness to a higher level.  The Risk Reduction 2.0 program is most suitable for those who are already moderately-to-highly physically active and/or those with exercise experience.  

One-on-one exercise training with personal trainers in the 2.0 program will provide an “intermediate” or “advanced” exercise challenge and learning opportunity for those accustomed to exercising and being active.  Individual nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian supports participant health and physical fitness goals.  Restorative yoga, exclusive to the 2.0 program, promotes the relaxation response and provides a refreshing mind-body experience.  “Mindful Moments” are available as opportunities to practice breath focused sitting meditation.   

Weekly team meetings provide increased accountability, facilitating the self-selection and follow-up of “weekly experiments” (goals) that provide personal direction and an opportunity to learn more about oneself.  

collage of Risk Reduction resources such as nutrition counseling, personal training, mindfulness training, cohort meetings, accountability and Yoga

Risk Reduction 2.0 Special Offer: The program has a $3,000+ value and is ordinarily offered to eligible employees at a discounted rate of $300. From February 1-8, 2021, this program will be offered at NO COST to the first 25 eligible employees who register. Email Josh Christen (christej@ohio.edu) to first verify your eligibility. Once verified, Josh will email you the registration link. The program begins on February 8, so don't wait!

  • Who is eligible? Any current Ohio University employee (and/or their benefits-eligible spouse/partner) who is eligible for University benefits can participate in this program and take advantage of the special offer. You cannot have previously participated in Risk Reduction (in-person or virtually). 
  • Participants of the virtual Risk Reduction 2.0 program will not be able to participate in the in-person program should it become available again after campus reopens.
  • Participants of the Virtual Risk Reduction 2.0 program will be given access to virtual training and counseling sessions. Should any sessions remain after campus reopens, we cannot guarantee that we'd be able to transition to in-person sessions and, therefore, participants should be prepared to complete the entire program online. 


What is Included in Each Program?

  Risk Reduction 1.0 Risk Reduction 2.0
Program Schedule

Sample Syllabus

*Note: Start date has shifted to Feb 1.

Sample Syllabus
Best Suited For: Beginners: those with "no" or "low" physical activity status an/or those who prefer free-living activity to gym-based exercise training. Intermediate/Advanced: those already moderately to highly physically active and/or those with exercise experience.
Do I have to be a WellWorks Member? Anyone! Must be Ohio University Benefits-Eligible (employees/spouses/partners)
Cost $120

$300 FREE (Feb 1-8, 2021)

Pre-Recorded Education
Personal Training
Nutrition Counseling
Restorative Yoga
Team Meetings
Mindful Moments

✅ = Included in program
❌ = Not included in program



How do I enroll?

Risk Reduction 1.0: Registration can be completed online! Create a free account on our member portal and then register for the Risk Reduction 1.0 Wellness Series. Payment is made online in that portal and then access to the exclusive program website will be emailed to you within one business day. 

Risk Reduction 2.0: Eligibility must first be verified before being given the private registration link. Please first email Josh Christen at christej@ohio.edu to have your eligibility verified. 

When does Risk Reduction begin?

New teams begin each semester (e.g. January/February, May, and September). 

What if I don’t have any significant health risks – Can I still participate?

Yes. We believe that all people have the capacity to grow and change. Risk Reduction is a challenge to one’s personal status-quo. It’s an adventure. Are you ready?