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wellness through prevention and rehabilitation



WellWorks is more than just a fitness center — we’re a health and wellness facility. As a member you receive access to our fitness center, group exercise classes, and personal trainers. Membership is not required to enjoy our massage and nutrition services and special events.

We believe good health should be an attainable goal for everyone. WellWorks is an environment that’s inviting, not intimidating.


Ready to become a member?

Fill out a New Member Registration Form right now. Once that is complete, you can come into WellWorks (Grover Center E124) to pay and take your member photo. Do you have questions you'd like answered before completing that form? Call or stop by our front desk during business hours and we'd be happy to help. We hope to see you soon!


Silver Sneakers

WellWorks is part of the SilverSneakers(R) program.  The Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness program is an insurance benefit included in more than 65 Medicare health  plans. You can determine if you’re eligible for SilverSneakers by visiting their website (silversneakers.com) or contacting customer service (888-423-4632). If you’re eligible, you’ll be given a 16-digit Healthways/Prime member number. Bring that number into WellWorks and we can set-up a SilverSneakers membership for you. Eligibility begins at age 65.  Not yet eligible but interested in Active Senior Group Fitness? All of our Active Senior classes are available to ALL members. You do not need to be a SilverSneakers participant to attend those classes.  



Community and Faculty/Staff spouses or partners  are eligible to get a WellWorks parking pass. Those passes are able to park in the WellWorks parking spots, which are located in the front row of the Walter parking lot, or in the following dark green and purple lots:   Lot 132, 133, 134 and 128.  These lot numbers are listed on the permit for reference.  Permits are not valid in any metered spaces and all fees must be paid when parking at a meter on campus.   The permit is limited to 2 hours.

Faculty/Staff/Retirees  should already have a parking pass through the university. These
parking pass are only able to park in faculty/staff parking lots (dark green or purple lots).
(Retirees have the option to a WellWorks permit OR a general University permit; they cannot obtain both.)

Visitors are required to park at a meter (meters charge $0.75/hour)

Event parking
For event parking, members with a WellWorks parking pass will be able to park in the
WellWorks parking spots in the Walter parking lot. Members that do not have a WellWorks pass
(faculty/staff, visitors) will have to find other parking on campus in one of the open lots.

* All parking lots require specific passes Monday-Friday 7am-5pm. Any other times the lots are free.