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Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF)


We are excited to bring you Virgin Pulse, a high-level wellness program that includes cutting-edge technology and an expanded array of wellness tools and information to keep you engaged and motivated 365 days a year. 

Video:  Why Join Virgin Pulse?

By using Virgin Pulse, you can learn more about your health and improve your well-being by connecting to the "Thrive" areas of the program which include: Sustainability, Diversity/Inclusion, Safety, Eating Healthy, Sleeping Well, Reducing Stress, Learning New Things, Getting Active, Building   Relationships, Contributing to My Community, Being Productive and Managing My Finances. 

To access Virgin Pulse:

When you keep engaging with the Virgin Pulse portal throughout the year and you'll have the chance to receive financial rewards! The more you interact with the system, the more points you accrue. These points are directly translated to financial rewards added to your OHIO paycheck. See the rewards image below for information about reward levels. 

As with other areas of the Healthy OHIO program, Virgin Pulse is for employees and spouses/partners who are enrolled in the OHIO medical plan. 

Points Become Rewards with Healthy OHIO and Virgin Pulse

Yes, it's true: engage with the Virgin Pulse portal throughout the year and earn financial rewards! Reward levels translate directly to financial rewards. Engage with Virgin Pulse and earn up to $50 quarterly. That’s up to $200 per year! The more you interact with Virgin Pulse, the easier it is to earn points. Financial rewards are added quarterly to the paycheck of the benefits-participating employee. 

Virgin Pulse Quarterly Calendar: 
Quarter One = January through March 
Quarter Two = April through June  
Quarter Three = July through September 
Quarter Four = October through December

Please note: it can take several weeks after each quarter for all participant data to be uploaded and sent to Human Resources for inclusion on the benefits-participating employee's paycheck. Thank you for your patience!

Reward Levels:

Healthy Ohio Reward Levels

Virgin Pulse Webinars: 

Did you miss one or more of our Brown Bag Series about Virgin Pulse? You can watch/listen to the recordings of these sessions by clicking the links below.

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