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wellness through prevention and rehabilitation


Worksite Wellness

Wellness at Your Worksite!

Do you and your co-workers or organization want to learn more about wellness? Let us bring wellness to you!

We offer presentations on a wide variety of health-related topics. And we can present before, during, or after work. Presentations are fun, interactive, and provide you with a variety of tools and techniques that you can use to keep going once the presentation ends.

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace - 30 minutes

  • Scheduling Successful Walking Meetings - 30 minutes

  • The Power of Meditation - 30 minutes1 hour

  • Breathwork: the most powerful anti-anxiety technique - 30 minutes1 hour

  • Love Your Body, Nourish Your Self:  focuses on whole-body health and beauty for women – 1 hour

  • Sipping & Snacking at Work and On the Go:  discusses healthy eating in the office – 30 minutes

  • Four Steps to Food Safety:  reviews the four quick and easy steps to ensure proper food safety– 30 minutes

  • Hello Healthy Lifestyles!:  discusses healthy eating habits with tips on using MyPlate, making healthy snack and beverage choices, and tapping in to intuitive eating – 1 hour

  • Sports Nutrition Basics: Fueling for Health and Performance:  reviews information on timing of meals, pre- and post-fueling, and hydration for athletes – 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Nutrition Basics:  how to read and understand the nutrition facts panel, utilizing MyPlate resources, and tips for eating well from each food group – 45 minutes

  • Fats & Oils:  discusses selecting heart-healthy fats and oils and the impact of different types of dietary fat on blood cholesterol – 45 minutes

  • Sodium and the DASH Diet:  sodium sources in the diet, how to cut back on salt in the diet, how sodium effects blood pressure, and guidelines for following the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – 45 minutes

  • Sugar & Fiber:  discusses both ends of the carbohydrate spectrum – from sugar to fiber – including recommended intake, tips for cutting back on added sugars, ways to consume more fiber, and the health impacts of both. -  30 minutes

  • Building Muscular Strength or Muscular Endurance - 30 minutes

  • Physical Activity vs. Exercise –Treatment for Obesity - 30 minutes

  • At Home Workouts - 30 minutes

  • Sustainability and Wellness:  provides easy lifestyle tips such as natural cleaning and zero waste practices than can improve your quality of life and have a positive impact on the Earth and our community  30 minutes to 1 hour

Want to schedule a wellness presentation?
Contact Annie Laurie Cadmus at 740.593.9458 or cadmus@ohio.edu.