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wellness through prevention and rehabilitation

Spring Member Challenge

Start Date: Mar 18, 2019 at 5:45 AM

End Date: Mar 25, 2019 at 9:00 PM

Location: Grover Center E124



What : Visit WellWorks 30 times from March 18 th to April 26 th to build your flower and receive a prize.


Who : Any current WellWorks Member


When : March 18 th – April 26 th 2019



  • Sign up for the challenge NOW until March 29 th to be eligible. Register by going to WellWorks front desk and ask to sign up for a flower card. (Cards will be stored behind the front desk for the entirety of the challenge)
  • Pick up a flower stem from the front desk and write your name on it. Then place it on the paper along the wall.
  • When you check in at the desk between March 18 th and April 26 th ask the front desk employee to sign off on your flower card for that day’s date.
  • For every 6 visits you make into WellWorks you will receive 1 petal to add to your flower. Add the petals you earn to your flower throughout the challenge.
  • 5 petals makes a completed flower. This is a total of 30 visits.
  • Complete the flower by April 26 th and receive a prize! Please select which prize you would like on the card after you complete the challenge. Turn in your completed card to a WellWorks student employee and they will verify your card and distribute prizes.
  • In addition to your prize; everyone who completes the challenge (creates a full flower) will be entered into a drawing for one person to win 2 FREE 30 minute personal training sessions.
  • Challenge is limited to 1 visit per-day
  • See the front desk or email us with any questions or concerns!