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WellWorks Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training Meme,

Take your workout to the next level with a personal trainer.
Whether you’re new to the gym, not getting the results you want, or need some help with accountability, our certified personal trainers will customize a fitness plan based on your goals and lifestyle.

How to Sign Up for Personal Training  

Step One: Complete an online Personal Trainer Request Form. Then, proceed to Step Two.

(Prefer to submit a hard copy? Download our  Personal Trainer Request Form (PDF) and submit your completed form to the WellWorks Front Desk located in Grover Center Suite E124). 

Step Two: Wait for a member of our staff to contact you. We will do our best to match you to a trainer who fits your schedule and wellness goals. Once we have matched you with a trainer, we will contact you to set-up your intitial assessment session. 

Step Three : Get to know your Personal Trainer at your initial session! Your first session will cost $25 and last 60 minutes. During this time, you will complete a 30 minute assessment and then have your first (30 minute) session with your Trainer. 

Step Four: Purchase Personal Training sessions. Sessions will be placed directly onto your account and must be used within one year from the purchase date. An overview of available packages/pricing is provided below. 


1-Hour Pricing

30-Minute Pricing

Group of 2 (1-Hour) Pricing

1 Session $25 2 Sessions $30 1 Session $30
4 Sessions $95 8 Sessions $110 4 Sessions $110
8 Sessions $180 16 Sessions $200 8 Sessions $200

Call to schedule an appointment:  740.593.2093  

Please review our Personal Training Policies (PDF)  to ensure you get the best possible experience with personal training at WellWorks. 

Current Personal Trainers  

Kelly BarthTest Kelly Barth
Kelly is an Applied Nutrition (Dietetics) major who is also seeking a Sports Nutrition Certificate.  With a diverse interest in sports such as running, weight lifting, boxing, high intensity interval training and crew/rowing, Kelly is able to develop a personalized relationship with her clients to help them reach their physical and nutritional goals. When working with clients, Kelly utilizes her background with weight loss, nutrition and fitness to help clients gain more lean muscle mass and feel better overall. Moderation is key, according to Kelly, who recognizes that positive changes take time and we all should enjoy a little dark chocolate now and again. 
Annie Burnett Personal Trainer AnnMarie (Annie) Burnett
Annie is an Interdisciplinary Health Sciences student. She serves in WellWorks as both a Personal Trainer and a group fitness instructor (Annie is RYT-200 certified; check out one of her  classes!). Annie has been a certified personal trainer for over ten years and, in that time, has come to gain a wide set of skills with all audiences, but considers her specialties to be TRX and Yoga and in general exercises with populations aged 55 and older.
Alex Ciccotelli Personal Trainer Alex Ciccotelli
Alex is an Exercise Physiology and Pre-Physical Therapy student. A long distance runner, Alex enjoys running half marathons, interval training and lifting. Her goal is to help clients reach their exercise goals and to help motivate them to become the best version of themselves through exercise. Alex aims to support clients in their efforts to form an exercise habit and be more confident and comfortable, both in a gym setting and with their physical abilities.
Photo Coming Soon Isaac Culbert
Isaac is an Exercise Physiology student who employs a diverse set of exercise into his regular fitness routine. He is an avid hockey player, has competed in an ROTC Ranger Challenge, regularly lifts weights and enjoys high intensity cardio and calisthenics. As a Personal Trainer, Isaac aims to create programs that allow his clients to implement, develop and reach their unique goals. To do this, Isaac educates, motivates and encourages clients so they adopt exercise as a part of daily life. 
Rob Gates Personal Trainer Rob Gates
Rob is currently seeking his Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science. An avid baseball and basketball fan, Rob personally utilizes functional training, strength training and CrossFit in his own fitness routine. Encouraging clients to achieve their goals in a positive environment is how Rob aims to allow clients to grow in their physical abilities while gaining knowledge about health, fitness and proper movement patterns.
Derrick Gullet Personal Trainer Derrick Gullet
Jake Hall Personal Trainer Jake Hall
Kylie Harper Personal Trainer K ylie Harper
Kylie is an Exercise Physiology major who is constantly seeking new and creative ways to make exercise fun and effective. She loves a fast paced, intense workout and, therefore, engages in High Intensity Interval Training when working out. As a Personal Trainer, Kylie’s goals are to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment while also practicing safe and effective exercises. Kylie enjoys circuit training with her clients but is open to try new things to fit her client's goals. Kylie’s personal training sessions revolve around bringing fun and creativity into her clients’ personal fitness programs to allow them to motivate them to reach their own, unique fitness goals.
Creighton Irwim Personal Trainer Creighton Irwin
Creighton is an Exercise Physiology major who enjoys weight lifting, cross country, track, and volleyball. Though, he is constantly adopting new exercise programs into his own routine to keep his workouts fresh and his body “on its toes.” Creighton views exercise as a multi-faceted tool than can not only help maintain a healthy lifestyle but also relieve stress and boost happiness. Creating a safe environment for his clients can help Creighton provide a fun and exciting experience during Personal Training sessions. Creighton focuses on strength and cardiovascular training to, ultimately, help clients feel happy and healthy in their own skin.
Rhys Jones Personal Trainer Rhys Jones
Rhys is an Exercise Physiology major who enjoys weightlifting, running and biking. As a Personal Trainer, Rhys focuses on developing a program that is challenging and rewarding to each unique client. Providing his clients with support throughout their progress toward attaining fitness goals is key to his personal training style.  
Alyssa McCarthy Personal Trainer Alyssa McCarthy
Alyssa is an Exercise Physiology major and a Nursing and Biological Sciences minor. Alyssa personally enjoys a diverse set of sports and fitness programs. Crossfit, dance, gymnastics and track top her list of favorite activities. As a personal trainer, Alyssa takes a similar approach by focusing on high intensity circuit training. 

Devin Miller Personal Trainer

Devin Mller
Devin is a Physical Activity and Sport Coaching student at Ohio University. Devis keeps his own workouts interesting by practicing Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. As a personal trainer, Devin focuses on cardio activities such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), resistance training and calisthenics. Overall, Devin prioritizes the client experience by ensuring they are gaining knowledge from the experience while also addressing their fitness goals. 

Photo Coming Soon Travis Moffet
Caleb Moore Personal Trainer Caleb Moore

Jack Music Personal Trainer Jack Music
Jack is an Exercise Physiology student at Ohio University. Jack has a strong background in powerlifting focused training and, therefore, specializes in supporting personal training clients interested in strength training. Jack has experience working with a variety of populations and asserts that strength training can be an important addition to anyone's fitness routine. 

Kacie Nunelly Personal Trainer Kacie Nunnelley
Kacey is currently working toward her B.S.S. in Psychology, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. With a busy schedule, Kacie likes to incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts into her routine and is constantly trying new styles of exercise because she believes exercise should be fun and interesting. As a personal trainer, Kacie is committed to incorporating a client's unique interests into their workouts so they enjoy the experience and see results. It is Kacie's goal for her clients to enjoy their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Dean Ohde Personal Trainer Dean Ohde

Dean received his Biological Sciences degree from Ohio University in Spring 2018 and is currently a Physical Therapy graduate student.  Placing an emphasis on both aerobic and resistance training has allowed Dean to complete various races ranging from 400m to a marathon and even triathlons, which combine his three favorite sports of running, biking and swimming. Clients have unique goals and Dean works to support those goals by tailoring his Personal Training programs in ways that are both fun and effective. Dean believes in the power of improving clients’ quality of life through lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition.  

CJ Seibert Personal Trainer CJ Seibert
Photo Coming Soon Julia Staten
Julia is an Exercise Physiology student who enjoys participating in Track & Field and Gymnastics. In her own personal fitness routine, Julia favors weight training and yoga. As a Personal Trainer, Julia strives to promote a comfortable environment while helping clients pursue their fitness goals. With such a diverse education and personal background in various forms of fitness, Julia is able to tailor each training program to the unique interests, styles and abilities of each client, offering maximum motivation for clients to incorporate fitness into their lives.
Katharine Tafelksi Personal Trainer Katharine Tafelski
Katharine is an Exercise Physiology major who enjoys various strength training exercises which utilize body weight, free weights and resistance bands. Cardio and flexibility training remain key components to her daily routine, as she is a dancer and enjoys Pilates. As a Personal Trainer, Katharine works to create an enjoyable exercise program tailored to a client’s abilities and needs. Creating a program that is both challenging and progressive requires that she combine exercises from all areas of training. Her attention to variety and goal setting allows her to join her clients on their wellness journeys. 
Photo Coming Soon Francesca Torini
Francesca is a double major in Exercise Physiology and Biological Sciences. At Ohio University, Francesca remains active through biking, swimming, and participating in Marching 110. As a Personal Trainer, Francesca believes in the importance of showing her clients that they are capable of much more than what they may think they are capable of. She does this by helping them work hard and push through a tough workout. Loving and having fun with a workout routine is important to Francesca, so she puts in the extra effort to plan programs she knows her clients will enjoy. Ultimately, her goal is to help her clients feel confident in their own bodies.
Brandon Wilkinson Personal Trainer Brandon Wilkinson
Brandon is an Exercise Physiology student who enjoys playing football and who is currently training for Ohio Power Bodybuilding Association. Brandon, who is working toward a career in pediatrics, puts an emphasis on the client’s experience so they remain motivated to pursue a lifetime of physical activity.
Tyler Wilkinson Personal Trainer Tyler Wilkinson

Sean Wroten Personal Trainer Sean Wroten