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You deserve a massage. The WellWorks licensed massage therapists can help you: get relief from muscle pain and soreness; alleviate stress, and; detoxify—both mentally and physically.

30 minute massage - $40.00
60 minute massage - $55.00
90 minute massage - $80.00


Call to schedule an appointment:  740.593.2093  


Please review our Massage Therapy Policies to ensure you receive the best possible experience with massage therapy at WellWorks.

Meet Our Massage Therapists


Atira Parker

I offer massage to suit clients' needs, ranging from relaxation to sports massage to pain relief and pain management. A base of Swedish techniques are used for: general muscle relaxation; stress relief; circulation, and; improvements to overall body function. Deep tissue and muscle release may be used to relieve pain and stiffness of problem areas. My goal is to leave clients relaxed, refreshed, and feeling great.


Breeona Lanning Headshot
Breeona Lanning

A recent graduate of Hocking College, my specialties are swedish, and deep tissue massage for sore and tight muscles. I also specialize in isometric stretching, myofascial stretching, trigger point work, pain relief and so much more to help you get back to a pain free life. 



Dave Webb

Not currently accepting appointments.

My clients are the determining factor in which techniques I choose to use. I use Swedish to relax and restore a feeling of overall well-being. I utilize myofascial release to loosen up restricted movement. Pressure point therapy is used to smooth and soften tight muscle areas by applying compression to release the tension by either nerve triggering or physically forcing toxins out of the area. Clients with tense muscles benefit from positional release which places tense muscles into a position of comfort that helps release tension without causing discomfort. Deep tissue massage is utilized for clients who prefer a much deeper mode of massage. I may incorporate any of these techniques into a massage, all depending on the desired results of my client.