Josh Christen, MS

Josh Christen
Clinical Exercise Physiology Coordinator
E132 Grover Center

Fun Info:

Non-practicing Jedi. Favorite thing: Black coffee on a Sunday morning.

WellWorks Team Member Since:


What My Position Entails:

My position assesses the readiness for physical activity of prospective members, direction of health risk appraisals, coordination of the Risk Reduction program, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation as needed.

Why I Enjoy My Job:

Every single day I am grateful to be able to come to work at a job that is in such a positive environment. The student and permanent staff here at WellWorks are truly outstanding people and a very supportive team.

I’m an Exercise Physiologist Because:

The simple concept of exercise as medicine played a central role in my choosing clinical exercise physiology as a career path. We were made to move. By exercising we become who we are. It is profound what a simple thing such as a long walk can do for the mind, body, and soul.

My Professional Passion:

Those who continue to push the upper limits of human performance are very interesting, but I am most passionate about the possibility to change the world by reassuming ownership of our minds and bodies from the couches, Joe Camel's, and Big Mac's of the world.