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Biometric Health Screenings

Biometric Health Screenings: 

As a component of Healthy OHIO, benefits-participating Ohio University employees and benefits-participating spouses/partners can participate in FREE* health screenings annually to receive $60 (taxable) on an OHIO paycheck. If both spouses/partners on a medical plan participate in the screening, $120 will be added to the paycheck of the benefits-carrying employee. Athens campus screenings occur each Fall semester; regional campus screenings occur each Spring semester.  

Athens Campus Screenings: 

Biometric Health Screenings for Athens campus employees (and benefits-participating spouses/partners) have passed for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The Fall 2019 screening dates will be announced in Summer 2019. 
Eligible employees/spouses/partners who successfully participated in a Fall 2018 screening, will see the financial reward added to a January** 2019 paycheck.
Physician Screening Form logistics:
  • Physician Screening Forms for Athens campus employees were due at 11:59 p.m. on November 30, 2018.
  • If you completed your screening at WorkHealth or at the on-campus screening on October 3, you did not need to complete a Physician Screening Form.
Regional Campus Screenings:  
More details regarding regional campus screening dates and how to reserve your time slot will be made available after the new year. Notices regarding screening dates will be made available on the WellWorks website, via our Healthy OHIO newsletter and through posters/marketing distributed by Regional Campus Wellness Champions. Interested in becoming a Regional Campus Wellness Champion? Fill out the Wellness Champion Application

Regional Campuses: Can't attend a screening on your campus?

Regional campus employees/spouses/partners who received a qualifying health screening from their physician between April 15, 2018 and the date of their 2019 screening date (TBA) can submit a Physician Screening Form instead of attending a screening event. The  Physician Screening Form (PDF)  is currently being updated to reflect Regional Campus screening dates. Though, you're welcome to utilize the Athens form (see link above) if you're in need of a form at this time (just note that the dates are incorrect for Regional campuses).
Once your physician has completed the required fields of the form, you or your physician can fax the completed and signed form to WellWorks per the instructions on the form.
We will contact you when we receive the form. Please email wellworks@ohio.edu if you do not hear from us.

*Costs Associated with Screenings

While preventative care within the Anthem network is covered at 100%, services that are outside of the Anthem network and/or not classified as preventative care are subject to cost sharing. Please discuss the status of your visit with your physician's office. 

**Payout Timelines

Please note that it does take some time to process all Healthy OHIO data and submit such data to payroll for payout on a paycheck. While it is our intention to assure payouts from Biometric Health Screenings will occur with 60 days of the conclusion of your campus' screening window, please be aware that unforseen obstacles may delay such payouts. 
The payouts from Fall 2018's Biometric Health Screenings have been delayed. We are working to ensure that payouts occur in February 2019. We appreciate your understanding.