Ohio University

100 Day Challenge

Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF)

Please be advised that, in FY21, 100 Day Challenge program will not operate as normal. Instead, all Ohio University employees will receive a 30% discount on Virtual Memberships through WellWorks. Simply sign in to our Member Portal using your OHIO Single Sign On and your discount will be automatically applied to your account. Purchase your Virtual Membership in the "Memberships" tab.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The FAQs below are not indicative of FY21. In place of the 100 Day Challenge, all OHIO employees will receive a 30% discount on a Virtual Membership to help you stay on track with your wellbeing goals. The FAQs below help respond to questions from FY20.

Thank you for your interest in the WellWorks 100-Day Challenge membership incentive program! The program is simple: work out at WellWorks at least 100 days from July 1 - June 30 of the following year and receive a free* one year WellWorks membership! Below are some frequently asked questions about the offer. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact WellWorks at 593-9459 or 593-2662. 

*Paid for by Human Resources, taxed as income on the employee's paycheck.