wellbeing defined

About WellBeing 

Why Do You Want to Keep the WellBeing Fee?

Students keeping the WellBeing Fee will pay $60 a semester and as a result the health center will waive the office, lab and x-ray co-pays (up to $15/a piece per visit), for the semester.  In addition, services in the counseling and psychological services department (including psychiatry and group counseling) are fully covered.

For example, if your health insurance requires a $15 co-pay for medical office visits, you will pay no out of pocket expenses for that visit.  If your insurance co-pay is $30/medical office visit, with the WellBeing your cost would then be only $15 per visit.

Students do not need to bring cash with them to the Health Center, all fees will be charged to their e-bill account.

Students who do NOT choose to accept the WellBeing fee, on the other hand, will still have equal access to all services, but will be required to pay their full insurance co-pay for each medical office visit, a $20 fee for individual counseling sessions, a $90 fee for a psychiatry intake, $60 for psychiatry follow-up sessions and $75 per semester for participation in group counseling sessions.

Benefits of the WellBeing Fee to students:

The WellBeing Fee benefits all Ohio Students and was endorsed in spring quarter 2008 by the Ohio University Student Senate.  Regardless of whether you sign up for the benefits of the WellBeing plan, ALL Ohio Students will benefit from access to 24/7 crisis intervention services, 40 hours/week psychiatric services, and expanded evening and weekend hours of Campus Care.      

  • First $15 of co-pay waived for office visits, labs and x-rays
  • 20 counseling sessions per year at no charge (normally $20 per visit)
  • Psychiatric intake at no charge (normally $90), Psychiatric follow-ups at no charge (normally $60)
  • Group Counseling Session at no charge (normally $75/semester)



Is it worth it for me to purchase the WellBeing fee if my insurance has no co-pays or a high deductible?

While you would not benefit from the medical co-pay subsidy of the WellBeing fee, there is a still a significant benefit with Counseling and Psychological services.

What happens if my insurance company is “out of network”?

Most appointments at the health center are low cost, so even if your insurance provider is out-of-network, the prices are reasonably low.  Although we are in-network with many of the major providers in Ohio, you are encouraged to check with your provider to assess coverage. 

What You Can Do To Get WellBeing?

Nothing. You already have it! WellBeing will be automatically billed to you each semester. If you choose to waive the option to keep WellBeing you may do so by waiving the fee on your ebill by the deadline. We hope you choose to Be Well, and take advantage of the benefits WellBeing has to offer you.