University Communications and Marketing and the Office of Information Technology have formed a partnership aimed at rebuilding the approach, capabilities, policies, and practices for Ohio University's Web and online presence.

As we continue to implement IT improvements across the institution, the Web Advisory Group fills a critical role in helping us identify common needs and opportunities to best leverage the Web.
-- Co-chair Brice Bible, chief information officer

The participation and input from our University partners is vital in our efforts to strengthen our online presence -- in its outward appearance and its backend capabilities.
-- Co-chair Renea Morris, executive director, communications and marketing

The collaborative work of Ohio University's Web Advisory Group, which was formed spring quarter 2009, provides a meaningful voice by contributing guidance, strategy, and creative thinking to help shape institutional priorities and Web initiatives.

The Web Advisory Group comprises representation from faculty, administration, staff, and students and will review and develop Web guidelines, ensuring compliance with existing technology and security policies.

Ohio University recognizes the importance of its Web sites as an important vehicle for external and internal communication, education, research, and recruitment. As a sounding board for the decisions involved in improving OHIO's Web presence, the Web Advisory Group will provide ongoing assessment and feedback from the University community as well as provide leadership and direction for OHIO's Web efforts.


Membership in the Web Advisory Group comprises representatives from constituency groups across campus. The WAG is co-chaired by the Chief Information Officer for Information Technology (OIT) and the Chief Marketing Officer for University Communications and Marketing (UCM) with liaisons from the OIT and UCM.

  • Craig Bantz
  • Renea Morris
Web Services Group
  • Jay Beam, OIT liaison
  • Mark Krumel, UCM liaison
  • Toni Heightland, OIT liaison
  • Stacey Stewart, UCM liaison
  • Tasha Attaway, UCM liaison
  • Jennie Daniels, UCM project support
  • Laura Alloway, Voinovich School 
  • Heather Anerino, Advancement 
  • Tanya Barnett, University College 
  • Jill Bateman, Russ College 
  • Lori Bauer, College of Arts & Sciences 
  • Claire Berlin, Scripps College 
  • Candace Boeninger, Enrollment Planning Services 
  • Colleen Carow, Russ College 
  • Monica Chapman, President's Office 
  • Thomas Conley, OIT 
  • Amanda Davis, Finance and Administration 
  • Matt Dingo, OIT 
  • Andrea Gibson, Research Communications 
  • Joseph Grenert, Heritage College 
  • Jenny Hall-Jones, Dean of Students Office 
  • Daniel Harper, College of Fine Arts 
  • Jim Harris, University College 
  • Gabrielle Johnston, UCM 
  • Karoline Lane, Heritage College 
  • Brad Mash, OIT 
  • Cheri Russo, Lancaster Campus 
  • Breanne Sisler, Undergraduate Admissions 
  • Michael Stephens, Athletics 
  • Matt Suhay, OIT 
  • Noah Trembly, Rehabilitation and Communications Sciences 
  • Megan Vogel, Student Affairs