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Student Organization Web Pages


New websites for student organizations are now available through OrgSync. For more information, contact the Campus Involvement center  and provde an email or phone number.


Existing Site?

Existing student organization sites that are using the Ohio University static-page server or CommonSpot may continue to do so. If the list of people who should have authoring access for any of these existing sites has changed, or if a new site has been built that replaces an old site, please contact the OIT help desk  with the details.



There are three absolute, no-exceptions requirements for organization sites:

  1. Your pages must  not use any official Ohio University logo graphic, current or outdated (including the Cutler Hall woodcut logo, the Intercollegiate Athletics Attack Cat logo, or the old OU pawprint). Such graphics are to be used on official Ohio University pages only, they must not be used on any student organization or other unofficial pages.

  2. Your pages must not contain any statement that they are copyright by Ohio University.

  3. The organization's home page must have a reciprocal link to the Ohio University Front Door, https://www.ohio.edu/. Instructions are available for creating reciprocal links to the Ohio University Front Door.

    • If the page we link to is a content-free "splash" page (one that automatically loads your real home page, or on which the user must click once to proceed to your real home page) then both the splash page and your real home page must have a reciprocal link to the Front Door.

    • The reciprocal link must be achieved by a method that is functional in all browsers. In particular, Javascript-based pop-up selections do not meet this requirement.

    • The link to the Front Door must bring up the Front Door in the full window (replacing your entire page), not in a sub-frame, and not in a new window ( nor in a new tab, for those using tabbed browsers).