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Streaming Media Services

Using our streaming media services, faculty and staff can provide on-demand audio and video with closed captioning, and provide live streaming of events using professional, networked video cameras through your web page.


  • No limits of duration, file size, and quality of videos

  • On-demand streaming media and live streaming available on both desktop and mobile devices

  • Media streams cannot be saved to the viewers' computer

  • Playback is accomplished using the Flash player on the desktop. This enables embed restrictions (preventing people from taking your video and putting it on their webpage) of on-demand videos. 

  • Ability to require individuals to authenticate via standard viewer page, restricting access to those with valid OHIO ID's.

  • Media server can convert video/audio codec formats after uploading them

  • Closed Captioning playback (WebVTT) is available for video-on-demand and automatic conversion for non-standard CC for desktop and mobile devices

  • Real-time live conversion is only available from a network camera if video source is in the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 part 2 format

To get more information, fill out a request using our help page, or call the Service Desk at 593-1222.