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Recent Projects


screen capture of the ORSP website front page

ORSP is part of the research department and so this was a simple website move from its old template to the new research template. ORSP did take this opportunity to reorganize the structure of the website which helps users find more easily find information. There is also a new news feature on the site so you can keep up with what’s happening with ORSP.  Preliminary analytics show a 28% increase in Pageviews on the homepage over the previous period sampled

Website launched in Jan. 2017.



Campus Recreation

screen shot of the campus rec front page

Campus Recreation is another site within the division of Student Affairs that is moving into the 2014 template and like all the sites moving into this template, it is now responsive (can be better viewed in mobile devices) and more accessible for people with disabilities. The Campus Recreation site features rich images of popular content and their active Twitter feed on this 2-column layout.

Campus recreation launched in Feb. of 2017


Tribute to President McDavis

screen shot of the tribute website for President McDavis

A special website created as a tribute to the 20 th president of Ohio University Roderick McDavis, features strong images and videos and news articles. This website, which also uses the 2014 template, shows a different layout than most departmental or academic sites, and demonstrates the versatility of this template.

Website launched Jan. 2017

The Alumni Association

screen shot of the alumni association website

The Alumni Association needed a website featuring the 2016 annual report in an interesting and interactive way. Each link on the home page leads to a series of videos featuring various events of the Alumni Association last year. The great thing about using a versatile template for our website layouts is that there can be great variety while still maintaining a sense of community and continuity.

Website launched in Jan. 2017