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The Process

The process of planning, designing and developing a website to accomplish a specific goal can be pretty daunting. It is tempting to skip steps like planning or design and jump right in to development or hire someone to create your website and take your hands off the wheel so to speak. At Ohio University Web Services, however, we've found what works best is strong partnerships both with each other and our clients.


We rely on public information officers, administrative assistants and other content contributors to partner with us in the planning and design phases, then later in the development stage, to inventory, collect, create and upload content to your site. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it. You all are experts in your area of concentration and no one knows your content better than you do. We do all we can to help you focus on your content and keep it targeted, rich and up-to-date.


You will have specific tasks to accomplish throughout this process, but in these pages, we'll tell you more about what we bring to the table. This is definitely a team effort and you are a very big part of that team. Even if you are planning to hire an external vendor for all or part of the site work, you may find the information in these pages useful. While each agency's specific processes undoubtedly vary, the overall process is very similar.