Check List

These are the items we need to know in order to get your new website into place.

  • The desired name of your sub site.  Upon approval, the URL to your site (assuming your desired name was abc) would be
  • Name of the organization and slogan (if you have one)
  • Any contact information for your organization (email, phone, address)
  • What pages you would like to have on your site. By default, you will have: Home, About, Events, Members, and Join.  You may have less pages if you desire, but we would ask that you limit the total number of pages to eight.  (Contact Us, Projects, Activities (events), and Documents)
  • Each page on your site will have a text area where you can provide the content.  If you would like any additional types of content on those pages, you should list the content and the page it is to appear on.
  • The content of the four blocks on the right hand side.  By default, the content is Social Media, Next Meeting (pulled from Events as a type of Event), Future Events (pulled from Events as a type of Event), and Partner Organizations.

In return for the above information, you will be given a site populated with the pages specified by you.  You will be responsible for the content of those pages.  Additionally, tutorials will be made available to you outlining how to manage your new site.