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Provision Steps

Please be aware that the personal web page service described here will be retired on June 1, 2017. You are still welcome to create a site during this window. After June 1, 2017, you will no longer be able to access your site. It is your responsibility to download the site before June 1, 2017 if you want to retain a copy of the site.


  1. First, look for a link to your OHIO ID at http://www.ohio.edu/people/

    • If you do not find your public home directory, you will not be able to make your SFTP connection to upload your file until after you complete the remaining steps.

    • If you do find your public home directory, you should be able to make your SFTP connection now and upload your files without having to do any of the remaining steps.

      Note: If you found your OHIO ID and you still cannot make your SFTP connection — or, having made it, cannot upload files — then do run through the following steps anyway.

  2. Go to self-service application and provide your OHIO ID and password.

    • If you are found eligible to publish on the people2 server you will be asked for final confirmation.

    • If you are found ineligible to publish on the people2 server you will be informed of that fact.
      You can submit a request requesting that you be authorized to use the people2 server for your personal pages.

  3. Click on "Continue". The two folders will be created and the appropriate security settings will be applied.
    Note: If the self-service provisioning software reports that there have been any failures in the provisioning process, please wait at least five minutes and then try again. If it fails a second time, then submit a request to get it fixed.

  4. Return to http://www.ohio.edu/people/ to confirm that your public folder is in place.