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Guide: Embeded Youtube Videos

There are 5 easy steps to embedding a youtube video into the Content area on your page.

  1. Notify Web Services that you would like to embed a youtube video into the content area on a web page. We will need to know which page(s) you would like to have this feature on since it is currently on a case by case scenario and involves adding code to the page.
  2. Edit the content for your page, move the cursor to where you would like the video inserted, click on the "Insert Snippet" icon and select "Youtube Video 280x180" and Left or Right align based on which side you want the video on.
  3. Go to Youtube.com and select the video you want to insert, click on the "Share This" button and copy the URL that displays.
  4. Highlight the text inside the box and replace it with the Youtube URL.
  5. Click on Save and then browse to the page to make sure your video is displaying correctly.