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Guide: Create a New Page from a Shortcut

 Creating a new page in your site from a CommonSpot Shortcut.

1. Log in to CommonSpot

2. Go to one of your public-facing pages (i.e., not in the manage subsite) and locate the small pencil. Click the icon and choose the 'My CommonSpot' link.

3. From the grey My CommonSpot menu, choose New -> From Shortcut…

4. Locate the 'Show' dropdown. If this is the first time you've used shortcuts, the default will say My Favorites, and you will need to change it to 'All Shared' and click the 'Filter' button to the far right.

5. Below the search area, locate the shortcut for creating a page in your site. It will be titled something like 'Create a new page in X Site'.

6. Click the Star icon in the first column. This will cause the shortcut to appear in your 'Favorites' list and allow you to skip step 4 in the future.

7. Click the title of your shortcut ("Create new page in X Site").

8. The create page dialog box appears. Provide a name and title for your new page. Click the orange "down" arrow after the title box to pre-populate the remaining fields. Click Next.

9. If prompted for Custom Properties, leave the default values and click Save.

10. Your new page will be displayed.

11. Locate the 'Click here to create page content' (or something similar) phrase. Click on the text. Provide content in the form that appears and click Submit.

12. At this point, you have created a page as well as content for that page. If you wish to Activate the page now –enabling the page to be publicly available—click the "Activate" button in the upper-right hand corner.

13. From this point forward, you will only edit the page content via the manage interface for your site ( http://author.oit.ohio.edu/ yoursite /manage/ ).

14. If you have chosen to delay making the page publicly available, you will need to locate your page via the subsite administration page ( http://author.oit.ohio.edu/ yoursite /admin.cfm ), navigate to the page, view the page in CommonSpot and click "Activate".