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Guide: Editing Images

If you require any help finding the image you wish to edit or navigating into the Image Editing window, please review this tutorial on resizing your image and follow it up to the point where it gets inside the window titled "Edit Image".

There are many options CommonSpot allows you to perform on your images and then save them as a version of the original image and thus changing every instance of that image to your new one (if you want).



Crop: This will allow you to pick out a small portion of the image you would like to show. Use this if there is access space in the image to reduce image size. This can also be used to resize the image to fit within image elements that require specific image dimensions. [Note:] only the portion of the image withing the red box will actually be kept after clicking "Apply". edit-image-crop-ing



Rotate: Self explanatory. The buttons will either rotate the image clockwise or counter clockwise. edit-image-rotate



Flip: This will flip the image horizontally or vertically. edit-image-flip



Blur/Sharpen: These two buttons will either apply a blur filter to the image making everything appear foggy (droplet icon on the left), or it will sharpen portions of the image to make them more pronounced (cone shaped thingy on the right). You can undo and change by clicking the "Undo" button at the very bottom (blue arrowish icon).
edit-image-sharp edit-image-sharp



Contrast/Brighten: The two circles at the top will increase the contrast and the two sun icons underneath of them will increase and decrease the brightness or white levels of the image.

edit-image-cont edit-image-bright


Negative Image: If you want to give a haunted like look to your images. edit-image-negative



Compress Image: Use this option sparingly. It will make the file size of your image smaller but will cause a reduction of image quality. You may enter a value between 1 - 99%. 1% will compress the image the most, but it will create an image very reminiscent of the Windows 95 days.




Zoom Controls: Zooms the image in and out during editing. I have yet to ever use this option.