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Guide: Editing FAQs with Categories

Guide to Editing FAQs with Categories

1. Enter Commonspot and enter Manage: (Your FAQ page name)

· Your FAQ page will display, as shown below.

· Note that existing questions - and the categories in which they are organized - are listed at the top of the page.

· Fields for a new question are at the bottom of the page, along with the FAQ Topic Category box (circled below) in which you select the category for the new question. 


FAQ Topic Category Box



Edit an Existing Question

1. Click Edit adjacent to the question you wish to edit.

· The Datasheet Action window will open to display fields for Question, Answer, FAQ Topic Category, and Position, as shown in the next illustration.


Datasheet Action window



2 . Edit the Question and Answer fields as needed.

3. Select the appropriate FAQ Topic Category from the drop-down list.


5. Enter a number in the Position field.

· The number entered in the Position field will determine the placement of this question relative to other questions in the chosen FAQ Topic Category.

· It is recommended that position numbers be incremented by around 10 to make re-ordering and adding new items easier in the future.

6. Click Submit to save your changes.



Create a New Question

1. Scroll to the bottom of your FAQ page to reveal the fields for Question, Answer, FAQ Topic Category, and Position, as shown below.


Complete Fields



2. Complete the Question and Answer fields.

3. Select an FAQ Topic Category from the drop-down list.

4. Enter a Position number, which will indicate placement of this question within the selected category.

(For hints on viewing question positions within categories, please see Viewing Question Positions Within Categories later in this document.)

5. Click Submit to save your information.


Viewing Question Positions within Categories

To see where individual questions are arranged within a category, you might have to sort Position first, then sort Category. Please follow these instructions.

1. Click Position near the top of the page.

2. A yellow arrow will appear next to the word Position, as shown below.

3. If the yellow arrow is pointed UP, the position numbers will be shown in ascending order. If you wish, click the arrow to point it DOWN to show the position numbers in descending order.


Click Position



· After ordering the Position numbers, note that the Categories are still randomly ordered, as shown below.


Randomly Sorted Categories



1. Click the word Category at the top of the page.A yellow arrow will appear next to Category.

2. Click the yellow arrow next to Category.

· Subsequent clicks of the yellow arrow will alternate the sorting between ascending or descending order.

· Below, the Position and Category columns have both been sorted in ascending order. The position of each question within a category can be seen easily.


Position and Category columns sorted in ascending order