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Guide: Editing FAQs without Categories


Guide to Editing FAQs

1. Enter CommonSpot and go to Manage : (Your FAQ page name)

  • The FAQ page will open.
  • Existing questions are displayed at the top of the page.
  • Fields for a new question and answer, along with a position field, are at the bottom of the page. An example of the page is below.


  • Note the Position column in the list of existing questions (circled in illustration above). The numbers there reflect the recommended practice of using increments of around 10 for the position of each new question. This makes re-ordering and adding new items in the future easier.



  Edit an Existing Question


1.Click Edit adjacent to the question you wish to edit.

  • The Datasheet Action window will open to display fields for Question, Answer, and Position, as shown in the next illustration.



2.Edit the fields on the Datasheet Action window as needed.

3.Click Submit to save your changes.


Create a New Question

 1.Open your FAQ page for editing.

2.Scroll toward the bottom of the page where you'll see the fields for a new question, as shown below.



3.Complete the Question, Answer, and Position fields.

  • Remember that it's a good idea to increment your Position value by around 10 for each new question. This will make it easier to re-order items or add items in the future.

4.Click Submit to save the new question.