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Guide: Upload and Link to Document from Editor

If you think this is what you should do, please contact Web Services before following these steps!

  1. Navigate your browser to http://author.oit.ohio.edu/ subsite_name /manage
  2. Click Content from the left oriented drop down menu (older sites may be labeled Page Content)
  3. Click [Edit] for the page you want to link the document on (older sites may be labeled [E])
  4. Highlight the text you would like to have linked.
  5. Click on the Link button
  6. Click on the "Get link from Server..." button.
  7. In the Insert Formatted Text Block Link dialog select New Uploaded Document from the Type: drop down menu
  8. Click the Next button at the bottom of the window.
  9. In the Upload New Document window: Upload New Document Form
    1. Click the  Browse  button and search for your file on your computer.
    2. Provide a  title  that will help you recall the document later.
    3. Provide additional details about the document in the  Description field. This is recommended, but optional.
    4. Click Save at the bottom right of the window and wait while the document upload process completes.
    5. The document is now uploaded to the CommonSpot server.
  10. The link will automatically populate and all you have to do is click OK and the link will be applied to the content screen.