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Guide: Web Best Practices

Brand Standards

Ohio University Brand Standards: http://www.ohio.edu/ucm/brand-center/

Always Keep in Mind
  •   Image Size - Always be aware of the size of the image you are uploading. In other words, only upload images in the size they are meant to display. You can either resize your image using various image manipulation programs such as Photoshop, or you can follow our instructions on how to Resize your Image in CommonSpot.
  •   Tables - Tables should only be used to display tabular data, not for aiding in layout of a page. Using tables to layout your page can give screen readers problems reading your content which will make your page not accessible. They can also cause problems with search engines trying to develop relevant search data about your page.
Things Not to Do
  •   Blinking Text - Seen mostly in advertisements so there is a risk the user's eye will simply ignore the text or it will draw their eye away from the rest of your site which will lead to them leaving. You also run the risk of causing problems for individuals with visual impairments.
  •    Scrolling Marquees - This tag only works while using Internet Explorer. It makes the user have to wait for information and can cause unneeded frustration if what they need is all the way at the end.
  •   Bright Colors to Highlight Text - Using bright colors on a theme where it does not belong is against Brand Standards and will cause inconsistencies from page to page. It can also lower the accessibility of your page for those who have trouble seeing various shades of certain colors.