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V8 -- Floating a Flash Element

In order to "float" a Flash file, so that the text wraps around the Flash object, insert a "container" element and put the flash object within the container. Set the "container" layout properties to float "right" or "left" and set the width to the width of the Flash animation. The text in the text element immediately after the container element will start on the other side of, and wrap around, the container element's flash display.

If you want to place the Flash animation into the text at a particular point in the page, you would need to put the "container" in between two text elements, so that it is before the text you want it to float beside. In such cases, it is usually sensible to have the second text element start with a sub-heading, or at least with a new paragraph.

For example, if you already have one large text block on your page, and you want to insert the Flash element in the middle, then you would do the following:

  1. Copy the existing text element.

  2. Click to Insert a new element, choosing a Container element.

  3. Move that element up, if necessary, to immediatly follow the existing text element.

  4. Click to Insert a new element, Pasting the copied text element.

  5. Move that element up, if necessary, to immediatly follow the new container element.

  6. Place the Flash Object into the container element.

  7. Adjust the container element's layout appropriately.

  8. Edit the original text element to remove all material that should be adjacent to or after the floating flash element.

  9. Edit the new text element to remove all the material that is still in the first text element, so that there is no duplication.