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Ohio University is OPEN. West Green is under a boil order until further notice.

Boil order: West Green and Convocation Center. The rest of the Athens Campus is NOT affected. More Information

V8 -- Blank Pages:  Why Use

As soon as you have completed each template, you should create a new page based on that template and activate it without modifying it in any way. This primary blank page will be available to copy for others working on your subsite to build pages on the new template, even though they may not have access to that template through their template gallery. We suggest that you choose a name for this primary blank page that is "-blank" appended to the name of the template, or "blank" substituted for "template" in the name of the template.

The first use of the primary blank page is to inspect it after using the View menu's choice, "Work on this page (all changes)." There should be the standard CommonSpot Dashboard tools, and one Layout Properties tool icon for each placeholder, undefined table that is intended for page-specific content, and no other tool icons, at all. If there are any other tool icons, take note of them, return to "View Page as Published," navigate to the template, go to "Work on this Page," and complete the element inheritance security settings to fully lock down the template.

If you have a group of pages that will share page elements of the same kind but different contents, you may want to make a secondary blank page (sometimes called a "master page"), built on the appropriate template, and with additional page elements added. Once that is done, you can copy that secondary blank page to start construction of each of the pages in the group. Some examples:

  • The Athens Campus Map and Tour pages for each building have different "back" and "next" link destinations, so those navigational buttons should not be in the CommonSpot template, but would be sensible to include in the secondary blank page.

  • The Policy and Procedure Manual pages for each policy (of a given generation) have the same signature block table at the top, but with different contents, so the Formatted Text Block (or Tabular Layout) element should not be in the CommonSpot template, but could sensibly be in the secondary blank page.