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V8 -- Locking Down Pop-up Menus

If your template has pop-up menus defined, they can be used (by creating a hyperlink to them) either in the template or in any derived template or page built on that template. Unless the pop-up menus are locked down in the template, however, they can be revised in the derived templates and pages, thereby breaking inheritance.

Locking down pop-ups involves multiple stages: locking down each specific pop-up menu, and possibly also locking down the Page-level Menu Properties (see the paragraph after the list of steps):

  1. Login and navigate to the template you are locking down; click on the Manage button on the content-spanning toolbar; select "Pop-up Menus..."

  2. In the resulting dialog window, click on the associated "Element Properties" icon, for each specific pop-up menu.

  3. From the displayed menu, choose the option "Menu Inheritance Security."

  4. From the dialog box, click on the "Change" button in the "Restrictions" section.

  5. In order to fully preserve inheritance, lock all the access rights to the element by checking all of the check boxes ("Author/Edit," "Design," Style," and "Admin").

  6. Click on the "Save" button.

  7. In the Popup Menu Inheritance Security window, click on the "Close" button.

  8. Observe the absence of a new yellow work-in-progress icon on the "Manage Pop-up Menus" window: the changes made take effect immediately, and are not recorded in the Version History.

  9. Go back to step 2 if any items are not yet locked-down.

  10. Close the "Manage Pop-up Menus" window when you are done modifying the pop-up menus in the template.

  11. From now on, while you are in "Author" or "Edit" mode on any page or derived template that was created from this template, and choose "Manage Pop-up Menus" from the Page and Template Management menu, you will notice that neither the Element Properties icon, , nor the Edit Content icon, are presented for any of the locked-down menus. The pagemaster or content contributor is therefore not able to edit or change those pop-up menus while in the page or derived template, preserving inheritance.

  12. If you decide to add a new pop-up menu on the template, be sure to lock it down immediately, using the above steps.

Since CommonSpot V6, Page-Level Menu Properties has not been subject to lock-down. Page will inherit those properties from the template, by default, but they can be adjusted on each derived page. Once adjusted, they will no longer inherit changes made in the template, and that cannot be restored.