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V8 -- Blank Pages:  Creating

There are two variations: if the template appears in your Template Gallery, or if it does not appear there.

The first case is simpler:

  1. Create a new page, choosing the template from the Template Gallery; name the page the same as the template, but with "-blank" appended before the period. (You may well find the template in the "My Templates" or the "Shared Templates" category of the Template Gallery.)

  2. Activate the new page, inspect it for improper CommonSpot tool icons, and then select "View Page as Published."

In the second case, you should contact OIT by e-mail to, so that we can sort the problem out for you. In the meantime, there are two work-arounds: you may be able to identify someone whose template gallery does include that template, and persuade them to follow the above steps, and then to change ownership of that new primary blank page to you. After that you can find it through "My Content" and then "My Pages..."; go to it; and copy it to start each page you need to build on that template.

If that is not possible, however, you can still create your own blank page, but the process is a bit more complicated:

  1. Copy any page built on that template.

  2. Select "Work on this Page."

  3. Click on each "Tabular Layout Element" icon, table element properties icon, that does not have a phanton link, "Click here to define Tabular Layout element"; click on "more"; and choose "Restore Inherited Content/Properties."

  4. In the resulting dialog window, click on both check-boxes, for content and for properties.

  5. Click on the "Save" button, and then click on the "OK" button in the next window, to confirm the restoration.

  6. Observe that that layout element now has the phantom link, "Click here to define the layout."

  7. Go back to step 3 if any layouts remain to be restored.

  8. Select "View Page as published" after all of the layouts have been restored.