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V8 -- Page Sets:  Using

There are separate discussions for creating and for managing page sets.

  1. Login and navigate to a page where you want to have links to the pages in the page set, either a member of the set in which you want to have navigational links for the set, or a page in which you want to have an index or a table of contents for the page set.

  2. Select "Work on this Page" or "Work on this Page (All Changes)."

  3. If there is no "Click to insert new element" at the location where you want to have the links for the page set, create a new row or column as discussed elsewhere (e.g., step 6 of copying and pasting an element).

  4. Click on "Click to insert new element".

  5. In the Element Gallery, expand the category of "page set elements", and make your choice (in class, choose "page set contents," rather than "index" or "navigation links").

  6. Click on "Click here to define the Page Set Contents element" (or whatever type you chose in the previous step).

  7. If the page you are on is a member of a page set, you will have the choice, "Use Page Set that the current page belongs to." Usually, you will choose "Select an existing Page Set" and then select from the pop-up that appears. By default, that pop-up lists only page sets in the current subsite, but you can check the box to get the complete, site-wide list.

  8. Click on the "Save" button.

  9. When ready, click on the yellow work-in-progress icon to publish the change; in class, wait your turn to click on the "OK" button.

If you have placed Page Set navigational, contents, or index links on any of your pages, and one or more members of the page set are moved, that is, relocated to a different sub-subsite, CommonSpot will automatically update the links to reach the page in its new location.

It is often sensible to place page set navigational link elements into the template that the page set members are derived from (if, in fact, there is a template that is used only for members of the page set -- yet another situation where CommonSpot rewards planning ahead by punishing failures to plan ahead).