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V8 -- Identifying Pages That Link to This Page

  1. Navigate to the page; click the pencil at the top-right; and select "View Page in CommonSpot."

  2. Click on the "Links" button on the content-spanning toolbar, and then select "Referring Pages".

  3. You will see a list of all those CommonSpot pages that contain a link to the current page, where the link was constructed by using the CommonSpot tools. Links that were created by manually typing in the relative URL are not managed by CommonSpot, and so will not result in the referring page being listed here.

    As of December 20, 2011, the lists are sometimes falsely empty, or are incomplete. A listed page almost certainly does have a link leading to the current page, but un-listed pages may also have links. We are working with PaperThin to resolve this issue. We will update this paragraph as the facts change.

  4. Select some or all of those pages, by clicking in the corresponding check-boxes or using the "Select All" and "Deselect All" links at the top-left of the list.

  5. Click on the "Change References" link at the lower-right to change the destination of the existing link on the selected pages that is leading to the current page, so that the link goes instead to some other page.

  6. Use the resulting standard link-buiding dialog lightbox to establish the new destination for the links (e.g., "Choose from current subsite..." or "Quick Find...").
  7. After specifying the new destination of the links that used to lead to the current page, you must click on the "save" button and confirm, in order to make those changes effective.

    At first glance this CommonSpot feature appears to raise a security issue -- you linking from your page to some other CommonSpot page gives the author of that page the ability to change your page. However, the only thing that other person can change is the destination of a link on your page, and so if a CommonSpot subsite has a major re-organization, the various links in to it from CommonSpot pages can be fixed more rapidly.