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V8 -- Printer Friendly Version Links

Depending on the choices you make about elements to include and the width to specify for the page, it may be impossible for some of your viewers to print the page in portrait mode without cropping or shrinking. This issue is printer, browser, and platform sensitive, but the overall trend for the past fifteen years has been for Macintosh and Windows systems to become more similar in their behavior, and for both to produce readable printed text from wider and wider page layout design widths. Since 2011, you can reasonably expect any page that is 670 pixels or narrower to be reasonably printer-friendly.

For pages that are based on the old "official_pages1" template, you may have "printer-friendly version" links included in the page display. If you want them, but don't have them, or if you have them, but don't want them, please contact for assistance.

For pages that are built on the new, "manage" style CommonSpot templates, printer-friendliness is built-in, through the Cascading Style Sheets.