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Creating a Jump Link

Jump links are great for long pages of content where you would like to include a table of contents type summary at the top of the page. Select the section of the page you would like to allow users to immediately skip to by highlighting either a section header or the first few words of a paragraph. Next, click on the Anchor button. Within the dialog box this button opens, you can specify a name for this jump location. The name can only be alpha numeric with no spaces. Make note of what you set it to, we’ll need it later.

To build a list of links to make use of these anchor points, highlight the text you would like to be the clickable link that performs the jump. Next, in the URL field you will want to type


Where “NameOfMyAnchor” is whatever you had entered in the previous step. Adding a pound (#) sign and anchor name to the end of any URL, even in a navigation, will cause the browser to load the page and then immediately skip down to where the section was defined.