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V8 -- Jumping to an Element

A "Jump" is a link to a location within a page (using an anchor tag with HREF ending in #whatever). In order to be reachable by a jump link, the target location must be "bookmarked," so that it will be rendered using an anchor tag with NAME="whatever". If the page is not in CommonSpot, then the person who is responsible for it must put the target anchor tag in the code for you, and you must build the link manually to include the target specification. There are two ways to build bookmarks into CommonSpot pages, each of which has its own way to build the link to reach it:

  • If the target location you want the link to jump to is at the top of an element on a CommonSpot page, you must name that element, and then link to it, as described below.

  • If the target location you want the link to jump to is in the interior of a Formatted Text Block, then build the bookmark at the target first, before starting the link creation process.

First, if the target location you want is the start (upper-left corner) of a CommonSpot element, then build the bookmark, by giving the element a name:

  1. Login, navigate to the page with the element you wish to mark, and choose "Work on this Page" or "Work on this Page (All Changes)."

  2. Scroll down to that element.

  3. Click on the element properties icon Element Properties Tool Icon for the existing element that you want to mark.

  4. On the menu that pops out; click on "more..."; and then select "Name..."

  5. The name you give the element may contain letters and digits; it must include no special characters (periods, hyphens, and underscores would be OK for the browser, but CommonSpot does not accept them for element names; also no spaces or question marks, etc.). The name you give will be the visible text in the Jump destination selection menu, when building the link, and it may also be the last part of the URL for the jump (hence you should treat it as publicly visible). Jump destinations are case-sensitive, so note or remember which letters you made uppercase, and which lowercase.

  6. Click on the "Save" button.

Second, then you build the link by clicking on the "Bookmark" button in the Link Action view (for bookmarks on other pages you first build the link to the page in question, as described above, and then add the bookmark specification), creating a link that takes your reader directly to that element:

  1. Login and navigate to the page that is to contain the jump to the element you just marked. It can be the same page, or a different page. Choose "Work on this Page" or "Work on this Page (All Changes)."

  2. Click on the element properties tool icon of an existing link, and choose "Link" to edit it (or create a new link element, as described elsewhere).

  3. Adjust the header text, if appropriate, and then click on "Next."

  4. If the jump is to go to a different page, create (or edit) the link to go to the correct page, using the Choose dialog.

    If the jump is to go to a different place within the same page, create (or edit) the link, ensuring that it does not go to a different page (you can choose the "No Link" option on the Type pop-up selection tool, if necessary, to cancel an existing link to another page, and then re-edit).

  5. Click on the "Bookmark" button. By default, you will select from the set of choices in the pop-up; these are the top of the document and each named element on the target page. Observe that the name you gave your element is now available as a choice, and choose it. Click on "Select Bookmark" to return to the link-editing process.

  6. Finish the link-editing process and click on the "Save" button.

  7. Submit the change for publication; in class, wait your turn to click on the "OK" button.

  8. Choose "Read" mode and click on the link to test it. Examine the URL in the browser display. If the element you marked is too close to the bottom of the page, it may not have scrolled up to the top of the window; if necessary, re-size the window to convince yourself that it is working as it should.