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V8 -- Create New Page by Copying

This method of creating a new page is particularly attractive if there is a page with nearly the same content already on the server, or if the person doing the work does not have access to the appropriate template, but does have access to a page that was built on that template. 


From July 19, 2005, through November 16, 2005, the version of CommonSpot that we were using was afflicted with a subtle bug that sometimes corrupted pages made by copying, as described here. Use the Document Information dialog to learn whether the page you are starting from was created during that time period:

Click on the skinny orange button if necessary to expand the left column; at the bottom, select Page Details (the white "i" on the blue background). You will see a variety of information about the current page, including its creation date.

If your page was created during the vulnerable period, please do not copy it. Instead, create a new page on the appropriate template, and copy and paste elements as needed to provide your new page with the correct content.

  1. Login and navigate to the existing page you want to copy.

  2. Select "View Page in CommonSpot" or "View Page as Published."

  3. Click the "Actions" button and select "Copy page..."

    (The menu choice below "Copy Page..." is used to move a page, that is, to change the subsite or sub-subsite that it is located within. If instead, you want to change the name of a page, without creating a new page, use the Rename Page... choice.)

  4. Use the pop-out menu to select the subsite or sub-subsite within which the new page should be created. You will only see listed those subsites and sub-subsites that you are authorized to use. If the sub-subsite you want is not displayed, then click on "Cancel." After the subsite pagemaster has created the sub-subsite, or you have been granted permission to use it, you can return to this process for copying an existing page.

  5. Once the subsite you want is highlighted, click on the "Next" button.

  6. Fill out the page-creation dialog. The page's name will be the last part of the URL, as usual; the page's title will be used within CommonSpot to identify the page and must be different from any existing page, including the one you are copying -- hence, you must make a change from the inherited data in this field; the page's title-bar caption will be included in the HTML TITLE of the page, which is routinely the clickable text of the link leading to the page in search engine output. Therefore, exercise care in the choice of each. To the extent possible, choose a page title that is unique among your pages, indicative of the content, reasonably terse, and not obscured by the use of acronyms. When ready, click on the "Save" button. 

  7. Once the page is created, you can activate, revise, etc., as with any CommonSpot page.