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V8 -- Copying and Pasting an Element

Sometimes you will want to have two pages, or two places on one page, with very similar elements. If you create one of them first, you can then copy the whole element and paste it into the other location. Any changes that you make after copying and pasting will affect only the element that you edit, not the other copy. One possible use for this technique is the boilerplate, where only the filename and date might be different from one page to the next.

  1. Login, navigate to the page with the existing element that you want to copy, and choose "Work on this Page" or "Work on this Page (All Changes)."

  2. Click on the element properties icon for the existing element that you want to copy, and then click on "more" to expand the menu.

  3. Select "Copy . . ." from the menu; beware, the "Delete . . ." choice is adjacent. A small lightbox will display to confirm that you have copied the element; close it.

  4. If the page where you want to paste the copied element is a different page, then select "View Page as Published" on this page before you navigate to the page where you want to paste the copied element.

  5. Select "Work on this Page" or "Work on this Page (All Changes)" on the receiving page, if it is not already selected.

  6. Find the place on the page where you want to place the copied element. If there is no "Click to insert new element" link, you have two common ways to proceed:

    • click on the containing layout element's properties tool icon; if it is a tabular layout, then select "Layout" and examine the bottom-left of the new lightbox; ensure that the box is checked for "Allow insertion of multiple elements per cell."

    • click on the cell properties icon cell properties tool icon(if you don't find a cell properties icon, go to the upper-right corner of the table, and click on the tool icon that is a small black triangle, point-down, above a short horizontal line). Select "Insert/Copy Rows..." from the menu that pops out. Confirm that it is creating an empty row, choose whether to create the empty row before or after the element at whose upper-left corner the cell properties icon cell properties tool icon was located, and then click on the "Save" button.

  7. Click on "Click to insert new element". Observe that above the regular list of element categories, there is a choice "Paste Copied Element". Take that choice.

  8. Observe the replica element; you may now revise it as appropriate.

  9. When ready, click on the yellow work-in-progress icon to publish the change (typically this requires "Submit Page," because adding the new element modifies the containing layout element); in class, wait your turn to click on the "OK" button.