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V8 -- Inspect Version History

CommonSpot's Version History mechanism lets you see what the site content used to be, and restore it to an earlier state. Not all changes are recorded in the Version History, though, so some manual restoration may also be required. In particular, changes that take effect immediately, including page background color, are not recorded in the Version History. Only versions that had (yellow) work-in-progress icons and were approved for public visibility ("submitted" and "published") will be included in the version history. When the current version is the first and only version ever published, no list may be generated. All prior versions are in the database, but the length of time that prior versions are reported in the Version History list is limited. That limit can be set on a subsite-wide basis; the default currently in place for Ohio University's CommonSpot installation is 30 days. You can also change this value for a specific page by clicking on the "Change" link at the top of the left column in step 4, here:

  1. Login and navigate to your page whose version history you want to inspect. 

  2. Click on the pencil tool icon at the upper-right and select Work on this Page, or select View Page in CommonSpot and then use the View menu to select Work on this Page (All Changes).

  3. If the left column of the dashboard is not visible, click on the narrow orange button in the middle of the left edge to expand it, and then click on the "Page Versions" tool icon in the orange block at the bottom (if you let the mouse rest over each icon, it will display a text box describing what that tool does).

  4. Observe the displayed information starting at the top of the left column (such as revision date and time, the identity of the author responsible for the page changes, and a link to see the comments from the author at the time that version was published). If the author did not provide any comments at the time when he or she submitted the change for publication, there won't be any here to help you identify the version you want!

    If no version old enough to be likely to be the one you want is listed, or if no prior versions are listed, then click on the "Change" link at the top to extend the age of the versions to be included in the list; the maximum possible age is 999 days.

  5. If you click in two of the versions' check-boxes, and then click on the "visual differences" display (at the bottom of the left column, just above the orange block), CommonSpot will display the page in a lightbox organized to help you to identify what the differences are.