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V8 -- Locating All Pages in a Subsite

This tool will let you quickly find and view any page in a particular subsite or sub-subsite, including both your own and other pagemasters' or content contributors' pages.

  1. Login and navigate to any of your pages; select "View Page in CommonSpot" or "Work on this Page."

  2. Click on the Admin button in the full-width toolbar. Choose "Subsite Administration."

  3. Observe the subsite selection listing; scroll down to your subsite; click on it, if it is not already highlighted (or choose a different subsite or sub-subsite, if you wish); click on the Next button in the lower right. The "Subsite Administration" page for the selected subsite or sub-subsite will appear.

  4. Observe the middle section, "Subsite Statistics" and locate the linked number of pages; click on that number.

  5. The resulting dialog works quite similarly to the "My Pages" dialog:

    • click on any of the page-specific tool icons on the right to work on one page;

    • click on the linked text name of the page to display that page in the main window; click in the check-box or use the "Select All" or "Deselect All" links at the top-right to select one or more pages and then move or delete them all at once with the "More Actions..." pop-up select tool at the bottom-right.