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V8 -- Using Pending Actions to Find Pages

This provides a summary of a variety of situations that you are likely to be interested in: pages with work-in-progress, pages that CommonSpot knows have broken links, etc.

  1. Login; navigate to any of your pages; click on the pencil tool icon at the upper-right and select View Page in CommonSpot, Work on this Page, or Work on this Page (All Changes), so that you are in the CommonSpot Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "My CommonSpot" link: the leftmost item in the second row of the full-width toolbar at the top.

  3. Observe the main content section of that page, in the center and left. The work in progress (pages that contain edited content that has not yet been submitted for publication) is separated into two groups: anyone's changes to pages that you own, and your changes to anyone's pages. The several categories may not be populated immediately; please allow a minute or two to see the complete lists. There is a maximum number of entries displayed in each group by default; if you have more pages with changes pending in either group than the default number, there will be a link at the lower-left of that group, such as, "20 more"; click on that link to see the full list.

  4. Click on the linked page title to go to that page in the CommonSpot dashboard.

  5. Click on the greenish icon at the right end of the line to see a side-by-side visual display of the differences between the published version and the work-in-progress. The check-box for "Scroll compare windows simultaneously" will only take effect if both are taller than the lightbox.