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V8 -- Locating Your Own Pages

This is an efficient tool that allows you to quickly find and view any of your pages, templates, and binary documents; it is especially useful when you are the owner of multiple pages within one or more subsites.

  1. Login and navigate to any of your pages; select "View Page in CommonSpot" or "Work on this Page."

  2. Click the "My Content" button on the full-width toolbar, and select "My Pages..."

  3. If necessary, adjust the search criteria at the top and click on the "Filter" button at the top-right in order to include the pages that you want with few enough other pages to be easy to work with:

    • Click on a page title to go to the specified page; the selected page appears within the CommonSpot Dashboard, as usual;

    • Use the page-specific tool icons on the right to select and perform various tasks;

    • Use the check-boxes on the right and the "Select All" and "Deselect All" links at the top right to select one or more pages to be subject to the action selected at the lower-right (e.g., moved to a different sub-subsite, deleted, etc.).