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V8 -- Walking the Template Hierarchy to Find Pages

When you are viewing the page in the CommonSpot Dashboard (whether as published or working on it), click on the Templates button on the content-spanning toolbar; select "Hierarchy..." Observe that the information provided includes:

  • A "Template Hierarchy" tab that can be selected to show the template from which the current page (or template) derives; the template from which that template derives; and so on, down to the base template.

  • A "Siblings" tab that can be selected to list all pages derived from the current page's parent template.

  • A "Descendants" tab, if the current page is itself a template, that can be selected to list all pages derived directly from the current page. If any of those descendants are themselves templates, this list will not include any pages derived from those; in other words, it is really a "child-pages" list, no "grandchildren" or more remote descendents are listed.

You can navigate to any listed template or page by clicking on the appropriate linked text. By taking this menu choice in a sequence of pages and templates, you can navigate to any page related to the one you started with.