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What is Commonspot?

CommonSpot is the Content Management System (CMS) used at Ohio University for maintaining web sites on the University web presence.

CommonSpot (CS) allows you to focus on your content and to not be consumed with the complexities of HTML and synchronizing updates across multiple pages.


Depending on the age of a web site in CommonSpot, it may be one of two types of CommonSpot site: traditional or managed.


  • A traditional CommonSpot site usually has a person, such as a webmaster, dedicated to making changes and updates to the web site. The traditional CommonSpot sites require a skilled person who understands how web pages are built at a low level. Training to learn these skills can take weeks or longer.


  • A managed CommonSpot site can be edited and maintained by any person with basic abilities to use the web. The managed CommonSpot environment runs on exactly the same software as traditional CommonSpot, however the web services staff has worked to abstract away the complexities of understanding web concepts that can take time to learn. This environment is highly tolerable to staffing turnover, since a training session for using it takes about an hour. Now, many offices employ students to maintain their web content.