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Ohio University Web Services provides solutions to support and enhance OHIO's digital communication needs. We develop websites, support, maintain, expand the Content Management System, Commonspot, as well as train content contributors to maintain their department's website.

We rock.

Senior Manager Web Services

Jay Beam

Senior Manager Web Services



380A West Union Street Office Center 

Jay is an Aggie. 'Nuf said.


Web Services Manager

Toni Marinucci

Web Services Manager



395 West Union Street Office Center 

Toni is a gownie-to-townie, having completed both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Computer Science at Ohio University and never left Athens the whole six to eight years.

Well, not really. We're sure she went home a few times in between.

When not hosting impromptu 'team-building' dance parties, she coordinates and manages the projects that come through web services. She has a knack for gradient design and word-smithing which is seen in our daily office Haikus.

What is in a name?
Heightland to Marinucci
Causes confusion


Technical Lead

Dave Hannum

Mr. ColdFusion



375 West Union Street Office Center 

Dave is smart, and we like him. And he has amazing powers! He takes care of the CommonSpot servers, and has written a number of custom applications to run within CommonSpot.

His mini fridge is always stocked with Diet Mountain Dew and the most random music can be heard from his speakers. Not a dull day goes by when he is at work, especially when you are called into his office for crashing one of his servers.

Sorry again about that.

One of his most recent "Big Apps" is the Flash Media Server (think YouTube but with less-viral videos).


Application Integration Specialist

Hyun Park

The Stream Wrangler



375 West Union Street Office Center 


Web Developers

Matthew Suhay

The Man Tiger: Scavenger of Food



375 West Union Street Office Center 

Matthew is one of our senior team members, who we stole from Kent State. While at Kent, he completed a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and went on to be one of their Web Developers and also where he began his career in magic.

Matt is the team chef. At least the one of us that has any real professional training.
(If you were to actually ask any of us, we have yet to sample any of his so-called "masterpieces in the kitchen".)

In his spare time, he is not far from the internet, as he provides support to family and friends' personal and business websites. He is also a co-creator of the Office Olympics we host every Friday. After 5pm, of course.

Brad Mash

The Musician



375 West Union Street Office Center 

In February of 2013, Brad was employed from a lowly intern to a full-time web developer at Web Services. Recently, in his free time, Brad can be found making beeps and boops on his computer - he calls it "electronic music". He also enjoys random jam sessions where he plays guitar and bass guitar. In the sunshine Brad enjoys getting out on the lake and fishing as well.

This fall he will be teaching VICO 2161, a class focused on the fundamentals of web design and development.

Brad obtained his Bachelor's degree in 2014 in Specialized Studies concentrating in Communications and Computer Science.

Brandon Logan

The Mountain Man



375 West Union Street Office Center 

Proud boat owner and partaker of hammock-based camping adventures, Brandon joined our team in April of 2016 and has been a Bobcat since 2008.

Brandon serves as a liason between Web Services and University Communications and Marketing, and has an extensive background in multimedia. He has entrepreneurial experience as well, having started and ran several businesses since 2010. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors, playing music, martial arts, travelling, and anything with computers and art. 

Jill Bateman

The Bee Charmer



375 West Union Street Office Center 

Jill has worked at Ohio University since 2002, but started in Web Services in August of 2016. She focuses on quality assurance, improving processes, documentation and is super interested in website accessibility, usability and user experience design. She got an M.A. in Interactive Multimedia Design from OHIO in 2013.

In her free time, Jill keeps honeybees (and steals honey), a garden and many fruit trees, plays guitar and enjoys making hard cider. She has also taught VICO 2161 (intro to web design).


Student Workers

Andrea Swart

The Artist




Kelsey Bowman

The Disney Aficionado




Harley Halley

The Observer