Enactus Ohio University was formed in the fall of 2013 as a chapter of the larger Enactus­ organization that combines student and business forces to exploit the power of entrepreneurship to improve the­standard of living for the needy. Enactus OU is focusing on both local and international projects using a combination of high-tech and grass roots approaches to achieve their goals of making both social and commercial impact on the local community and abroad.

"Doing well by doing good." -- Benjamin Franklin


Enactus OU accepts members of any discipline, skill level, and interest level. Enactus OU currently has undergraduate and graduate membership from the College of Business, Scripps College of Communication, Russ College of Engineering, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, and the College of Health Sciences and Professions. Ohio University students looking for scholarship opportunities, experience working with non-profit organizations, resume building, networking, and the chance to compete internationally should consider joining Enactus OU.

Executive Board

Noha Al-khalqi – President

Noha is currently a junior enrolled in the Honors Tutorial College seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. After graduation, Noha plans to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree.

Why Enactus: As a student who aspires to become a social entrepreneur and to create a positive social change in the world, Enactus seems to be the best fit for my aspirations and me. I joined Enactus because I wanted to get a real and practical idea of what social entrepreneurship is about. I also wanted to be surrounded be like-minded people who want to improve their community and society. Enactus provides a great platform for students to develop and even implement their social entrepreneurial ideas, and I consider this to be truly unique.


Preserving Our Future

Project Preserving Our Future aims to decrease food insecurity and food wastage in the Southeastern Ohio region by dehydrating surplus, locally grown fruits and vegetables for consumption during the cold winter months. The business model of this project is focused on collaborations between local non-profits, businesses and community members. The positive externalities of this project include optimum utilization of farm production, employment opportunities and healthier communities. Enactus OU successfully solicited funds from the Campbell Soup Company and General Mills to work with the Athens Community Food Initiative to raise money to help address local hunger.

Project C-SOLAR

Project Construct-Solar aims to provide solar dehydrators as an alternative to electrical dehydrators. Our target market in the United States is eco-friendly and organic farmers, but we also believe that the larger market is in developing countries that lack the infrastructure necessary to have an electric powered dehydrator. Project C-Solar will empower farmers in developing countries by providing the resources necessary for ensuring sustainability. Enactus OU has partnered with a team of mechanical engineers to build a prototype of the solar dehydrator.