Enactus Ohio University was formed in the fall of 2013 as a chapter of the larger Enactus­ organization that combines student and business forces to exploit the power of entrepreneurship to improve the­standard of living for the needy. Enactus OU is focusing on both local and international projects using a combination of high-tech and grass roots approaches to achieve their goals of making both social and commercial impact on the local community and abroad.

"Doing well by doing good." -- Benjamin Franklin


Enactus OU accepts members of any discipline, skill level, and interest level. Enactus OU currently has undergraduate and graduate membership from the College of Business, Scripps College of Communication, Russ College of Engineering, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, and the College of Health Sciences and Professions. Ohio University students looking for scholarship opportunities, experience working with non-profit organizations, resume building, networking, and the chance to compete internationally should consider joining Enactus OU. Enactus meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Gordy 203, and new members are always welcome.

Executive Board

Autumn Sprunk - President

Autumn is a current senior studying international business and marketing.

Why Enactus; I joined Enactus because I wanted to learn more about how to use business in order to make a social impact.

Tommy Vetter - Vice President

Tommy is a junior studying entrepreneurship and management/strategic leadership.

Why Enactus: I joined Enactus because I saw it as an opportunity to create something that has a real impact on my community. When I first arrived in Athens, I had no idea about the difficulties that some of the residents outside of the university had. I feel as if it is my duty as an aspiring entrepreneur and student of Ohio University to do anything in my power to create positive change in my community.

Chris Piercy - Director of Marketing

Chris is currently a sophomore studying marketing.

Why Enactus: I joined Enactus so I could make a positive impact in the Athens community, and gain the critical skill of working in a team.

Nathan Perry - Project Manager

Nathan is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administraion in management information systems, management & strategic leadership, and entrepreneurship. 

Why Enactus: By my junior year I got to have a number of applied experiences within the College of Business. Through Consulting Fellows and my other classes, I had consulted for a number of organizations including a premier fitness company and large consulting firms. However, I wanted to apply what I had learned through these experiences and my coursework to help others. I had heard a lot about social entrepreneurship through my own research and read Blake Mycoskie's book Start Something That Matters, and that inspired me to join Enactus, where I could broaden my entrepreneurial skills while helping people in the process.


Athens Mother's Initiative

Enactus is currently working on a project to assist single mothers in need in the Athens area. We are working with groups such as My Sister's Place to create a co-housing environment for single mothers under the poverty line. The goal is to help mothers overcome obstacles such as past abuse in order to be able to be confident to raise their children in a supportive environment. This would allow the mothers to gain both a support system and job skills and coaching in order to improve the quality of life for both their children and themselves.