Voinovich faculty featured in NatureVolve article about solar

Christina Van Fossen
August 26, 2019

Dr. Gilbert Michaud, adjunct assistant professor of practice at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, has been featured in an online publication by NatureVolve. 

“Dr. Gilbert Michaud’s work uncovers key barriers and opportunities to deploying solar energy across the USA. He emphasizes the importance of considering the community in which large solar farms are built,” NatureVolve wrote. 

The article, “Supporting communities to take on solar across the USA,” discusses the future of solar energy through a question and answer session with Michaud. 

When asked what the potential impacts for community employment and careers are with the introduction of large solar farms, Michaud mentions the benefits, and also barriers.

“We could be talking about thousands of jobs over a one- to two-year period. We want to make sure that these areas can deal with these developments, especially from a workforce preparedness perspective,” Michaud said. 

To read the full feature, click here.