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Statewide Population Assessments: Grounding Health Services

Timothy Sahr
December 10, 2021

This presentation by Timothy Sahr, Director of Research and Analytics at the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center, addresses the need for population assessment and surveillance data collection as a guide for fostering analytical balance for administering health and human services. Examples of such data include: (1) The Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey (OMAS), a population-based health services, health risks, and health care access survey of approximately 30,000 Ohio residents; (2) the Ohio Medicaid Released Enrollees Study (OMRES), which examines the impact of being enrolled in Medicaid prior to release from a State of Ohio corrections facility as a strategy to assist physical and mental health and to prevent recidivism; and (3) the Ohio COVID-19 Survey, which, since April of 2020, has tracked the impact of the pandemic on employment, family socioeconomic stress, physical and mental health, and prevention practices. Select findings will be shared throughout the presentation.