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Christelle Khalaf


Dr. Khalaf joined the Voinovich School in 2017 as an economist. She uses economic techniques to provide applied, research-based solutions to challenges existing in communities, the economy, and the environment. Her initial undertaking at the Voinovich School was a U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) funded project to conduct a skillshed analysis mapping the occupational skills of displaced coal mining and coal-fired power plant workers to emerging occupations in the Appalachian Ohio region.

Dr. Khalaf has a Ph.D. in economics from North Carolina State University where she received the Jenkins Dissertation Fellowship in recognition of the quality of her research. She was part of a team at NCSU studying challenges to retirement readiness in the North Carolina public sector workforce. The project, funded by a Sloan Foundation grant, was in partnership with the North Carolina Retirement Systems Division (a division of the Department of State Treasurer).

Dr. Khalaf’s familiarity with the literature and economic tools across a wide range of economics fields, either through the different graduate courses she is taken (e.g., environmental economics, labor economics, industrial organization, game theory, law and economics, etc.) exposure to projects in her current position (e.g., entrepreneurship, rural development, economic development, energy, etc.) or by pursuing her own research agenda (e.g., education economics, health economics, and economic demography), provides her with the ability to work on a variety of topics.

For more on Khalaf’s research visit: http://www.christelle-khalaf.com/research